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2014 National Convention Transcripts
Source: TCRC
Third Quadrennial Convention was held in Ottawa on September 23-25, 2014.
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Bombardier workers ratify new collective agreement
Source: TCRC
"The negotiation was far from easy but we absolutely wanted to avoid any interruption of service for the users while negotiating a contract that was fair for the workers," explained George MacPherson, General Chairman for Division 660 of the TCRC.
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TCRC Railway Operating Employee Fatigue Survey
Source: TCRC
Your participation in this survey would be greatly appreciated and will help us strengthen our case for better scheduling practices in the railway industry.
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Liberals vow electrified GO trains that will run every 15 minutes
Source: Toronto Star
Within a decade, commuters will be travelling on GO trains powered by electricity and they’ll have to wait only 15 minutes for one to show up, says Transportation Minister Glen Murray.
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Our Union Matters
Source: TCRC
Every Union member is a part of the overall Union strength, and while management can force certain changes or discipline until the grievance is won, Management can never take away our Dignity, our Unity and our Solidarity!
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More GO trains ordered to support continued expansion
Source: CNW
In order to enable continued growth and increased ridership across the entire GO Transit network, Metrolinx has placed an order with Bombardier for 65 new GO Train (bi-level) coaches with two options for an additional 75 coaches. The total investment for the order, including options, is $481 million.
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Harper Government putting worker's lives in danger!
Source: Canadian Labour Congress
The lives of almost one million Canadian workers will be placed in danger as a result of cynical amendments that the Conservative government is making to the Canada Labour Code.
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The Bylaws initiative was rejected
July 30th 2013 | Source: TCRC
The voting was completed on July 24th with the results becoming Official 72 hours thereafter. I have received the report of both the Auditor and the Voting Supervisor and can now advise that the initiative was rejected with the vote results as follows:
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Stable Funding to Invest in our Region
May 27th 2013 | Source: Metrolinx
The Metrolinx Board of Directors will consider its report to the Province of Ontario and municipalities recommending an Investment Strategy to support over 400 km of new and enhanced transit, along with improvements to roads and highways.
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TCRC By-Law Amendment Vote
May 27th 2013 | Source: TCRC
A ballot package will be circulated to all active members of the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference so as to commence a Membership Vote on Monday, June 24th, 2013.
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In Memory of Jaimie Jijian
January 17th 2013 | Source: Teamsters
As you may be aware, Brother Jaimie Jijian, member of the TCRC, was killed in the line of duty on Saturday January 12. An investigation is currently underway.
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I oppose Bill C-377
December 2012 | Source: Alexandre Boulerice
Not only is that bill absolutely useless, unconstitutional and a danger to civil and commercial contracts, but it will cost a fabulous amount of money to our government that is already in deficit.
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660 Remembers
November 2012 | Source: Veterans Affairs Canada
Each year, from November 5 to 11, Canadians join together to celebrate Veterans’ Week - this year is no different.
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Ban All Cell Phones
August 28th 2012 | Source: Rob Smith
This is in reference to recent discussions concerning the banning of the use of personal cell phones when engaged in railway operations.
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Railway Accidents
August 14th 2012 | Source: CBC Radio
According to Operation Life Saver, more than 20 people have died in crossing crashes this year alone. We talk to the Teamsters Union about it.
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660 Investigation Training
June 8th 2012 | Source: Division 660
Over the span of 2 days, June 6th and 7th, the division delivered an educational course to its representatives, as well as representatives from Divisions 295 and 529, on the subject of investigations.
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Initiative Vote
May 23rd 2012 | Source: Rex Beatty
Please note that the voting package for the initiative vote was mailed May 17, 2012. If in a week or so a member did not receive a ballot, please ask the member to contact the National Office to request a voting package.
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TCRC National Bursary Program
May 1st 2012 | Source: Harvey Makoski
This is a reminder that the deadline of May 30th is fast approaching. If you know someone who would like to send an application for 2012, please ensure that you remind them of this deadline.
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Day of Mourning Statement
April 28th 2012 | Source: CLC
Tragically, thousands of workers, every year, have their life changed because of a major injury while hundreds more lose their life because of their work. No job is worth dying for, yet 1,014 people lost their lives in 2010, the most recent year for which we have statistics.
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More stops on Air Rail Link?
April 8th 2012 | Source: Natalie Alcoba
Toronto will hit a major milestone in its quest to join the ranks of cities with airport-to-downtown rail service when it breaks ground this spring on a three-kilometre track into Pearson’s Terminal 1.
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The sorry state of our unions
March 24th 2012 | Source: Globe and Mail
“People used to aspire to belong to a union to get the benefits and be well off. Now the aspiration is, ‘I'd be happy to take those benefits away from someone because I don't have them.'”
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Memorial Notice - VIA Rail Train 92
March 1st 2012 | Source: Drew Thorpe
An online book of condolences has been set up at should you wish to contribute any words.  
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In memory of our fallen Brothers
February 29th 2012 | Source: TCRC 660
Our workforce has fallen silent upon the news of Sunday’s tragedy; indeed the entire Railway community feels its sting.
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Derailment in Burlington
February 27th 2012 | Source: TCRC
The Teamsters Offer Their Deepest Sympathies to the Families of the Victims.
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In memory of our fallen Brothers
February 26th 2012 | Source: TCRC 747 
It is with profound sadness and disbelief to have to inform you all of the sudden and tragic passing of three fellow Brothers of TCRC Division 747.
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Three killed in Via Rail train derailment
February 26th 2012 | Source: National Post 
Earlier reports said as many as 60 were trapped after the crash. Emergency crews are still searching for victims in the wreckage.
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CN blamed for fatal train derailment
February 15th 2012 | Source: Postmedia
"There were missteps and miscommunications, procedures not followed and poor decisions," NTSB Chairman Deborah A.P. Hersman said in a release. "There were multiple points where this catastrophe could have been averted, but it was not."
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Old Age Security reform
February 8th 2012 | Source: Robert L. Brown
OAS reform needs to be based on facts rather than alarmist fantasy...
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Harper’s War on Labour
October 28th 2011 | Source:  by Lawrence Martin
A series of recent anti-labour moves by the Conservatives have been judged as politically popular. Lisa Raitt, the union-bashing Labour Minister, has racked up points in using heavy-handed tactics to prevent strikes by postal workers and Air Canada flight attendants..
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Who's over or underpaid?
September 30th 2011 | Source: By Toby Sanger
A clear pattern of significant overpayment at the top and underpayment at the bottom of the occupational hierarchy.
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660 Member saves passenger’s life
September 23rd 2011 | Source: Toronto Star 
“A woman came running up from the end of the platform, yelling that a man had collapsed,” Thompson said. “He was pale and turning blue with about one breath a minute.”
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Teamsters pay tribute to Jack Layton
August 22nd 2011 | Source: TCRC
Teamsters President Robert Bouvier, on behalf of the union’s 125,000 members, extends his deep condolences to the family and many friends of Jack Layton.
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CN worker was dedicated to helping people with disabilities
July 15th 2011 | Source: Toronto Star
The Hampton, Ont. man’s life was cut short when he was killed on the job — as a CN Rail engineering maintenance worker — on Thursday in Pickering. He was 53 years old.
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CUPW Still Fighting
June 21st 2011 | Source: CUPW
The legislation introduced by the Conservative government includes a mandate for the arbitrator that virtually guarantees he/she will choose the position of the employer.
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Restrictions of Labour Rights in Canada
May 25th 2011 | Source: ITUC
A new report by the ITUC on core labour standards in Canada, published to coincide with the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) review of its trade policies, finds some significant workers’ rights restrictions.
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NTSB investigating train collision
May 24th 2011 | Source: NewsChannel 36
Two CSX employees - an engineer and conductor - died from the force of the collision, and nine freight cars derailed.
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Metrolinx buys CN line to Pickering
March 30th 2011 | Source: CTV
Canadian National Railway has sold a rail corridor between downtown Toronto and Pickering, Ont., to Ontario's regional transportation agency.
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Teamsters win on the Rail Safety Act  
March 17th 2011 | Source: TCRC
The Committee accepted the testimony of the Teamsters about the climate of fear at rail companies, and it accepted an amendment with permits workers to make complaints about safety directly to Transport Canada rather than only to a company’s safety officer. The final amendment places the principle of “fatigue science” and “scheduling” in the same sentence.
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Unions don’t cause the problems 
March 15th 2011 | Source: National Post
There’s blood in the water for the labour movement, and the political sharks are circling.
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Metrolinx OKs train purchase for rail link to Pearson 
February 18th 2011 | Source: The Canadian Press
TORONTO — The board of Metrolinx on Friday approved the purchase of special trains to carry travellers between Union Station in downtown Toronto to Pearson International Airport.
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TCRC National Election Results  
January 13th 2011 | Source:
The Ballots for the TCRC election of officers were counted yesterday. The newly elected President is Brother Rex Beatty.
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GO implements new customer charter
November 8th 2010 | Source:

The Passenger Charter set out by GO commits the system to be on time, take safety seriously, keep customers informed, provide a comfortable experience and be quick and courteous. Performance on all five commitments is being monitored and reported through the GO Transit website.
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Richmond Hill derailment
October 4th
2010  | Source:
GO service has resumed on the Richmond Hill line after a minor train derailment, but passengers may still face delays.
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Tentative agreement at CN
October 1st
2010  | Source: TCRC
Sisters and Brothers, We are pleased to advise you that we reached a tentative 3 years agreement with CN.
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CN work stoppage? 
27th 2010  | Source: TCRC
Everything now appears to depend on CN’s attitude: Will the company show itself willing to bargain in good faith or will it persist in wanting to impose unacceptable working conditions?
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Derailment blocks freight traffic  
24th 2010  | Source: CTV
A derailment between Montreal and Toronto has disrupted freight train traffic after two CP Rail locomotives and almost a dozen cars ran off the tracks near the Quebec-Ontario border.
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bullet September 28th 2010
BLET urges FRA to improve cab safety, security
bullet September 23rd 2010
TCRC opens Second National Convention
bullet August 29th 2010 
TSB warns of design flaws in deadly train collision
bullet August 28th 2010  
CN is provoking its workers to launch a strike
bullet August 25th 2010 
BR&CF coverage clarification
bullet August 25th 2010 
"Faulty Rail Cars Hauling Dangerous Goods," warns the TSB
bullet August 9th 2010  
Strike by Toronto rail workers averted
bullet August 9th 2010 
Toronto rail workers poised to strike
bullet August 3rd 2010 
Area sealed off as railway probes train derailment
bullet July 31st 2010
Crown takes over to build link to Pearson airport
bullet June 2nd 2010 
Railway execs could face jail under tougher safety laws
bullet June 1st 2010 
Improvements rail safety
bullet May 17th 2010 
GO trains on time more often
bullet May 8th 2010 
Achieving an effective safety culture
bullet May 1st 2010 
Suicide-by-rail phenomenon to be studied by university
bullet May 1st 2010
What’s Taxable Under the HST and What’s Not?
bullet April 28th 2010
April 28th - A Day of Mourning
bullet April 14th 2010
Rail crashes horrific for engineers
bullet March 30th 2010
MP demands review after train derails
bullet March 30th 2010
Derailed freight train shuts down GO service at Pickering
bullet March 12th 2010
Heroic railwayman recipient of bravery medal
bullet March 12th 2010
GO adjusts schedules to reflect real trip times
bullet February 5th 2010
Bombardier to maintain commuter trains
bullet January 19th 2010
CN signals to blame for cancelled, delayed GO Trains
bullet January 12th 2010
Brother Michael Chiarelli - April 13, 1967 – January 12, 2010
bullet January 12th 2010
A Fallen Brother
bullet January 8th 2010
Next budget must stress good jobs
bullet January 8th 2010
Almost 600 new members join the Teamsters Union
bullet January 5th 2010
Rail study expected by end of month
bullet December 15th 2009
Schedules and sleep patterns of railroad train and engine workers
bullet December 15th 2009
Metrolinx buys Toronto-Barrie CN rail line
bullet December 9th 2009
TSB calls for better railway warning signs
bullet December 8th 2009
A train shed with wow factor
bullet December 2nd 2009
TCRC and CNR sign agreement to end strike
bullet November 27th 2009
Talks Between the TCRC and CN are in a Deadlock
bullet November 27th 2009
Driver uninjured after SUV hits train
bullet November 25th 2009
CN Locomotive Engineers Forced to Initiate Strike Action
bullet November 23rd 2009
James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund 2010 -2011
bullet November 18th 2009
Retirement Security - Or work till you drop dead?
bullet November 11th 2009
A Day of Remembrance
bullet November 4th 2009
GO honours vets with free travel on Remembrance Day
bullet October 23rd 2009
Tories spend $46,000 to turn GO Trains into rolling ads
bullet October 21st 2009
GO trains to get clean diesel engines in 2017
bullet October 13th 2009
GO criticized for construction noise, vibration
bullet October 7th 2009
Rail link to Pearson gets green light, with conditions

 Division 660 Meetings
Meetings are for TCRC Division 660 Bombardier employees of all classifications.

The meetings will be held at Long Branch legion 3850 Lakeshore blvd West.