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bullet September 28th 2010
BLET urges FRA to improve cab safety, security
bullet September 23rd 2010
TCRC opens Second National Convention
bullet August 29th 2010 
TSB warns of design flaws in deadly train collision
bullet August 28th 2010  
CN is provoking its workers to launch a strike
bullet August 25th 2010 
BR&CF coverage clarification
bullet August 25th 2010 
"Faulty Rail Cars Hauling Dangerous Goods," warns the TSB
bullet August 9th 2010  
Strike by Toronto rail workers averted
bullet August 9th 2010 
Toronto rail workers poised to strike
bullet August 3rd 2010 
Area sealed off as railway probes train derailment
bullet July 31st 2010
Crown takes over to build link to Pearson airport
bullet June 2nd 2010 
Railway execs could face jail under tougher safety laws
bullet June 1st 2010 
Improvements rail safety
bullet May 17th 2010 
GO trains on time more often
bullet May 8th 2010 
Achieving an effective safety culture
bullet May 1st 2010 
Suicide-by-rail phenomenon to be studied by university
bullet May 1st 2010
What’s Taxable Under the HST and What’s Not?
bullet April 28th 2010
April 28th - A Day of Mourning
bullet April 14th 2010
Rail crashes horrific for engineers
bullet March 30th 2010
MP demands review after train derails
bullet March 30th 2010
Derailed freight train shuts down GO service at Pickering
bullet March 12th 2010
Heroic railwayman recipient of bravery medal
bullet March 12th 2010
GO adjusts schedules to reflect real trip times
bullet February 5th 2010
Bombardier to maintain commuter trains
bullet January 19th 2010
CN signals to blame for cancelled, delayed GO Trains
bullet January 12th 2010
Brother Michael Chiarelli - April 13, 1967 – January 12, 2010
bullet January 12th 2010
A Fallen Brother
bullet January 8th 2010
Next budget must stress good jobs
bullet January 8th 2010
Almost 600 new members join the Teamsters Union
bullet January 5th 2010
Rail study expected by end of month
bullet December 15th 2009
Schedules and sleep patterns of railroad train and engine workers
bullet December 15th 2009
Metrolinx buys Toronto-Barrie CN rail line
bullet December 9th 2009
TSB calls for better railway warning signs
bullet December 8th 2009
A train shed with wow factor
bullet December 2nd 2009
TCRC and CNR sign agreement to end strike
bullet November 27th 2009
Talks Between the TCRC and CN are in a Deadlock
bullet November 27th 2009
Driver uninjured after SUV hits train
bullet November 25th 2009
CN Locomotive Engineers Forced to Initiate Strike Action
bullet November 23rd 2009
James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund 2010 -2011
bullet November 18th 2009
Retirement Security - Or work till you drop dead?
bullet November 11th 2009
A Day of Remembrance
bullet November 4th 2009
GO honours vets with free travel on Remembrance Day
bullet October 23rd 2009
Tories spend $46,000 to turn GO Trains into rolling ads
bullet October 21st 2009
GO trains to get clean diesel engines in 2017
bullet October 13th 2009
GO criticized for construction noise, vibration
bullet October 7th 2009
Rail link to Pearson gets green light, with conditions

 Division 660 Meetings
The next Division 660 meeting will be held on May 28th at 10:00.

This meeting is for TCRC Division 660 Bombardier employees of all classifications.

The meeting will be held at Long Branch legion 3850 Lakeshore blvd West.