Research and counter measures to reduce suicide on railways

Brothers and Sisters,

As per the attached information, Transport Canada is funding a study relative to suicides incidents on rail properties. What the study group would like to do at this point is interview 50 persons in Canada who have been involved in critical incidents where a person has committed suicide by placing themselves in front of an oncoming train. These interviews will take approximately one hour more or less depending on the answers to the questions that are asked. Two people will be involved in the interview. One individual will be asking the questions and the other person will be a health care professional who will be available if needed in case the person being interviewed requires professional help. In addition to this, arrangements will be made with a local health care facility again in case further help is required. It is not anticipated that the interview will initiate any psychological concerns but these arrangements have been made to cover all possibilities.

The TCRC has agreed to participate in this program as we feel it will be a benefit to our members who have been involved in traumatic accidents during their employment. Needless to say any participation by our members in this program is strictly on a voluntary basis. The interviewing segment of the study is separate and apart from railway employers to maintain strict confidentiality, the company will not be aware of who is going to be interviewed in this research program. We asked that you solicit the names of members in your division that have been involved in incidents where it was clear that a person was intentionally trying to take their own life. Please forward the names of the members to our office and we will forward them to the research team who will contact them with a time, date, and location for their interview please note that neither you nor anyone from our office will be aware of the final selection of persons who will be participating in these interviews. Again this is so that confidentiality is strictly maintained.

A fifty dollar compensation will be paid to any participants to help cover expenses that may be incurred.

If you have any further questions related to this program please contact our office at your convenience.

Your cooperation in this program is very much appreciated. We have been lobbying Transport Canada for a number of years to set up such a study. Hopefully the results that are gained through the interviews will be used to make changes that will assist our members in dealing with these very serious accidents.

Fraternally yours,

Mike Wheten
National Legislative Director
Teamsters Canada Rail Conference

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