Division 660 Meetings
Meetings are for TCRC Division 660 Bombardier employees of all classifications.

The meetings will be held at Long Branch legion 3850 Lakeshore blvd West.




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  In Memory of Brother Brad Bennett

June 13th 2014 | Source: TCRC 660

Good bye Brad you’ll live in our hearts and our stories...

Division 660 learned this morning of the passing of our friend Brad Bennett. Brad moved from Bombardier to VIA five years ago but remained a valued friend of many of the members here and a dear friend of Division 660 itself. I think I can speak for all of us that knew and loved Brad, “our shock and deep sadness receiving this heartbreaking news is beyond words”. For years to come many of you at Bombardier will hear Brad’s name and enjoy some of the witty quips that originated with Brad Bennett. It is not an overstatement to say we might not have been successful as a new Division in the TCRC without Brad’s enthusiasm and tireless efforts as he took the mantle of leadership in the early days.

Good bye Brad you’ll live in our hearts and our stories.