Division 660 Meetings
The next Division 660 meeting will be held on Mar. 25th at 10:30

This meeting is for TCRC Division 660 Bombardier employees of all classifications.

The meeting will be held at Long Branch legion 3850 Lakeshore blvd West.




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 Derailed freight train shuts down GO service at Pickering

March 30th 2010 | Source: CBC | Printer friendly
Lakeshore East commuter trains resume service but can't stop at station

A CN freight train derailed at about 3:15 p.m. Tuesday at the Pickering Go station, just east of Toronto, temporarily cutting service on GO Transit's Lakeshore East commuter line.

The CN freight train derailed at Pickering GO station around 3:15 p.m. Tuesday. The wreck left freight cars jackknifed across the tracks and tilted at odd angles. Nine cars and three non-operating locomotives being pulled by the train left the tracks.

The station was evacuated amid fear about leaks from a derailed tank car, but officials said there appeared to be none.

"The derailment is right in the Pickering station," the CBC's Jasmin Seputis said, reporting from the scene.

"The fire chief of Pickering is here, and Chief Bill Douglas says it doesn't appear to be dangerous at this time," she said. "But there are lots of firefighters here on standby, just to make sure everyone is safe."

One car contained methylene, a chemical used to make polyurethane, a product found in plastics, foam, paint and other items. CN official Mark Hallman said methylene "is considered a dangerous commodity" but there was no indication any escaped.

GO trains make regular stops, except Pickering

GO announced before 5 p.m. that service had resumed on the line, but not at Pickering. "Trains will be stopping at all the regular stops except Pickering," it said. "Some delays are still anticipated."

Earlier, trains heading east toward Pickering and Oshawa were stopped at Rouge Hill, where passengers boarded GO buses.

Passengers bound for Pickering were being bused from Ajax. At one point, the station parking lot was closed to the public, keeping commuters from their cars even if they could get to station.

The cause of the wreck was not immediately clear. The spectacular mess drew gawkers to a nearby bridge and traffic was stop-and-go on the adjacent Highway 401.