Division 660 Meetings
The next Division 660 meeting will be held on Mar. 25th at 10:30

This meeting is for TCRC Division 660 Bombardier employees of all classifications.

The meeting will be held at Long Branch legion 3850 Lakeshore blvd West.




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  Important Notice: TCRC By-Law Amendment Vote 

May 27th 2013 | Source: TCRC

The voting deadline is Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A ballot package will be circulated to all active members of the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) so as to commence a Membership Vote on Monday, June 24th, 2013.

The ballot package will contain proposed amendments to the TCRC By-Laws and a ballot with instructions for an electronic membership vote to adopt or reject the amendments.

The voting deadline is Wednesday, July 24, 2013.

Please note that the amendments propose some changes to the election of Division officers scheduled for this Fall, to the election of Committee officers scheduled thereafter (currently referenced as Officers of the GC of A) and to the election of National Executive Board officers scheduled for 2014.

Rex Beatty
Teamsters Canada Rail Conference