Division 660 Meetings
Meetings are for TCRC Division 660 Bombardier employees of all classifications.

The meetings will be held at Long Branch legion 3850 Lakeshore blvd West.




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TCRC Legislative Structure...

This department is responsible for protecting the legislative interests of the Rail conference and includes a Legislative Board Chairman headquartered in the national office in Ottawa and Provincial Legislative Boards in most provinces.

Division Legislative Representatives

Division Legislative Representatives are charged with the responsibility of handling all matters affecting their membership, dealing with federal or provincial law and all alleged unsafe or unsanitary working conditions. The Division Legislative Representative is involved in the political process in carrying out the policies and practices of the Provincial Legislative Board and the National Legislative board in general. S/he also becomes involved in municipal elections through assisting endorsed candidates and raising issues of concern to local and municipal councils.

Provincial Legislative Boards

Provincial Legislative Boards are comprised of Division Legislative Representatives who have been duly elected by the members in their respective Divisions to represent our members on the local level on issues of legislative interest. Each Division Legislative Representative within the boundaries of a province is a member of that Provincial Legislative Board.

The Provincial Legislative Board convenes every three years the members of each Board elect an executive comprised of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary. The Provincial Legislative Boards function is to represent members within a province on matters of legislative interest, including but not limited to, Workers? Compensation, Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan entitlement and representations to provincial governments concerning legislative, regulatory and/or policy issues which affect our members within each province.

Our experience in handling such claims has provided the Legislative Board with a track record envied by most and admired by all. Millions of dollars in benefit entitlement is returned to our members each year through representations made on their behalf. Additionally, the Board has become increasingly involved in issues such as Early Return to Work and Disability Management programs, including other programs and policies that touch on illness and workplace injuries. In cooperation and co-ordination with the Protective Department, this helps us better assist members who require some form of workplace accommodation in order to return to productive and meaningful work after an illness or injury.

Provincial Legislative Boards are involved in the political process in the endorsement of candidates and support for them, in addition to working closely with the provincial federation(s) of labour.

National Legislative Board

The National Legislative Board is comprised of the Chairman of each of the respective Provincial Legislative Boards and has the responsibility to use every means to have Orders, Regulations or Administrative rulings, or other legislation affecting the membership improved. This Board is involved in the political process in the endorsement of candidates and support for them.

National Legislative Board Chairman

The National Legislative Board Chairman devotes his/her efforts to secure the enactment, modification, or repeal of laws in accordance with the legislative policy of the organization. S/he handles all legislative matters referred to her/him by the President and collects/compiles statistics in legislation affecting the organization. S/he handles alleged violations of Canadian law with the proper agency of the Government as brought to her/his attention that involve the safety and welfare of our membership.

S/he maintains supervision over all legislative questions of Canadian enactment and cooperates with and assists the officers and members of the Provincial Legislative Boards.